Thelema Lenormand

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Risposte pratiche alle domande di tutti i giorni: questo mazzo è la forma definitiva e moderna della Sibilla Lenormand.

Thelema Tarot: Lo Scarabeo: 9780738747538: Books -

By: M. Lenormand Discover an Ancient Tarot with a Modern Twist The most common tradition of Tarot today only goes back 100 years. The Tarot, however, is much older. Now you can use the type of cards that influenced the modern system, bringing a true level of authenticity and history to all of your readings. […]

AUTORE: Lechner Renata

DATA: 2019

ISBN: 9788865276129



Thelema Lenormand Oracle - Llewellyn Worldwide

Gorgeously illustrated and rich in symbolism, Thelema Lenormand Oracle unites esoteric energy with deep wisdom, resulting in a deck that enhances your readings and inspires you to explore the essence of another time and place. Created by Renata Lechner, the talented artist of the Thelema Tarot (9780738747538), these cards are ideal for beginners and Lenormand experts