Tableau gate. Vol. 10

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Tableau 10 : Vol 7 : Dynamic Dimensions and Measures - YouTube

The Tableau Server gateway process is an Apache web server component (httpd.exe). Its role is to handle requests to the server from all clients—Tableau Desktop, mobile devices, a proxy, a load balancer, etc. The server runs a single instance of the gateway process; you can't run more than one per machine.

AUTORE: Rika Suzuki

DATA: 2016

ISBN: 9788868836573



Rika Suzuki (Author of Tableau Gate Vol.1)

Tableau provides a set of predefined aggregations that are shown in the table below. You can set the default aggregation for any measure that is not a calculated field that itself contains an aggregation, such as AVG([Discount]). See Set the Default Aggregation for a Measure.