Italian company law

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This book offers a general outlook of the legal framework governing companies limited by shares under Italian law for students, scholars and legal practitioners. It contains a presentation of the theory of the firm and its connections with Italian company law, in an effort to move these concepts closer to the understanding of international readers. The Authors have been teaching Italian business law to international students at Bocconi University in Milan for many years and this book owes much to their academic experience. At the same time, however, the Authors have leveraged on their experience as international business lawyers in order to keep the explanation plain and practical to any possible extent.


Agency contract in Italy: Agency contract and exclusivity in Italy; ... called "agent", takes on the task of promoting continuously on behalf of an other (the principal, usually a company) to conclude contracts in a particular area. ... Italian law provides a very complex regulation for the indemnity in the case of termination of agency ...

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DATA: 2015

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Italian Insolvency Law -

In Italy, there is no severance pay or redundancy compensation as such. However, upon termination of the employment relationship, the employee receives the so called TFR (Trattamento di fine rapporto), which is a part of workers' wages whose payment is deferred upon termination of the employment relationship.