Missions of love. Vol. 1

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Missions of Love, Vol. 1 - Sean Gaffney

Background Watashi ni xx Shinasai! won the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for best children's manga in 2012 and was listed in the New York Times best seller list twice for two different volumes. In 2011, the manga's circulation was reported to reach 2 million. The series has been published in English as Missions of Love by Kodansha Comics USA since November 6, 2012.

AUTORE: Ema Toyama

DATA: 2016

ISBN: 9788822603883



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When she discovers Shigure's devious womanising ways, she blackmails him to complete daring 'missions of love' for her to write about. Will these missions give them an opportunity to fall in love with each other? MISSIONS OF LOVE VOL.12 continues an exciting new manga series from talented artist Ema Toyama.