3 Three. Vol. 4

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Academy of Management Journal | Vol 4, No 3

Vol. 4: Quincy Archer Hates You - A lot of little stories going on here with plenty of humour and action. A cute little one shot story about Kon starts off with a laugh then we get into plot with the introduction of a new character, Don Kanonji, who fights spirits on a reality show.

AUTORE: Fuyumi Soryo

DATA: 2010

ISBN: 9788864682600



Red Ball 4: Volume 3

"Flight Delay": The new Manhunter model attacks Hal Jordan and opens up to reveal a Green Lantern Power Battery inside its head, which drains Hal's ring of most of it's power. The damaged Manhunter flies away with the new model in pursuit. Hal and Shane convince G The new Manhunter model attacks...